Concert: Michale Graves (of Misfits), Resilience, Violation

Poster for Concert: Michale Graves (of Misfits), Resilience, ViolationThe last show I went to at the Live Musicians Co-op was on June 10, when 4 bands played before Michale Graves (the lead singer The Misfits from 1995 to 2000) performed a solo acoustic set. I missed the first two bands, so only saw ViolationResilience and Graves. Violation played nice oldschool punk music, the kind I listened to when I was 17, albeit with better musicianship then the Hungarian bands of the time I was familiar with. I taped three/4 of their songs and the band was kind of enough to tell me their titles. Resilience defines itself as “streetpunk“, a label I got to know through my friends’ band Böiler. And indeed their music, atmosphere and message was similar. Except that Resilience takes itself more seriously and I couldn’t agree with message of all the badges on the singer’s vest (and there were many). I have four of their songs in the playlist below.

Finally the person, who most people were waiting for took the stage. I think some of them were disappointed, because it was indeed, as advertised, a low-key acoustic set by Michale Graves. I listened to (and recorded) the first dozen or so songs, but after a long day and some heavy music it made me sleepy, so I left before he finished. He had some difficulty tuning his beautiful red guitar so he entertained us with stories and a rant with an emphasis on respect for local venues that still put on shows in this era of digital life. Enjoy the 18 songs from the show:

Pizza Punx: The Abigails, Standish Hickey, The Gnarly Darlings

Poster for Pizza Punx: The Abigails, Standish Hickey, The Gnarly Darlings - July 17, 2014 @ Santa Rosa, CAI’ve been following Pizza Punx on Facebook for over a year, but up till two weekends ago I didn’t manage to go to any of the (33 according to Facebook) shows they organized yet. Finally on July 17 I made it. In the past when I heard the term “garage band” i thought it meant that members of bands come together and practice in someone’s garage. It never occurred to me that you could actually hold a concert in a garage. And that’s exactly what they did here. And it was a single car garage, not even a very big one. Furthermore the house it belonged to was in a residential area ans that’s why the music was supposed to stop at 10 PM. (It ended up lasting till 10.30, but no cops showed up, so all was fine.) Between the bands people poured out from the stuffy and hot garage, to get fresh air, aka smoke.

The first of the three bands were The Gnarly Darlings, a relatively new band. The band had a classic line up: guitar-bass-drums, although the first two were musicians were women. They played 4-5 songs, but I managed to video  only the last one, which was a cover of Ramones’ I wanna be your boyfriend, in honor of the last living Ramones member passing a way a few days before the show. I posted it on YouTube and in 5 days it got 55 views, but then the band asked me to take it down and I did. They don’t have any video or recording on the interwebs yet and they didn’t want the first one to be a cover. Furthermore they are releasing some DIY videos on August 10, so that will be a better first appearance then my little video.

The second “band” was Standish Hickey. The first two of the four songs were performed solo, hence the quotation marks around “band”. The music is described on bandcamp as ‘ country blues psychedelic folk” and I don’t have a better description either. Check out the singing/whistling style in the first “theme” song:

The second song was “Sour As A Lime

Then came a cover that I’ve heard from The Cramps, but really is much older, from the 1960′s
My baby does the hanky panky

Finally a raw version of the Beatles’ Twist and Shout

I gave the singer my card after the show, because he was excited about having some video recording of his music. Once I posted the videos he called me and helped me with the songs’ titles.

The headliner of the evening were The Abigails from Los Angeles. They played 10 songs and you can listen to all of them in my playlist below. You can also help me identifying  the titles of their songs. I suspect almost all of them are on one of their two records: Tundra and Songs of Love & Despair.

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