Éhező Apácák

Új videók a hajdani magyar undergroundbol (#17: 2020/3): URH, Európa Kiadó, Kontroll Csoport, Sziámi, Pillangó, Gasner, Trabant, Balaton, Vető János , Wahorn András, Vágtázó Halottkémek, Neurotic, The Love, Éhező Apácák

Új, azaz 2020 márciusában megjelent videók a YouTube-n a hajdani, azaz a 80-as évekbeli magyar underground zenekarok (és azok tagjainak) közreműködésével. A sorozat/gyüjtésem eddigi részei itt vannak. 29 videó és egy playlist került bele ebbe a válogatásba.

1-2 . Tekintve, hogy a magyar undo(e)rgroundot sokan az URH-tól számítják, kezdjük velük. MZSA felrakta a zenekar 1980/81-es félórás demoját egyben is és a Vigyetek el c. számot külön is:

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Gabor Mate on authenticity and attachment

Who is a pet anyway? Thoughts on “Jexi” (USA, 2019, 84 min)

Poster for Jexi

People are cats’ pets. At least how it seems from lots of memes. Never been owned by a cat (nor the other way around) I can’t form a personal opinion on the topic. In Jexi, the 2019, often hilarious comedy, a  smartphone enhanced(?) with Artificial Intelligence takes a liking of the phone’s owner to comic and tragic consequences. There are several ways to approach our communal obsessions with our phones. One of the best one is with humor and this light movie does a good job at that.

Another one is how it is done in one of the books I am reading right now. In C. Gockel’s sci fi series, “Archangel” there is a cat-like species, called werfle whose mind is taken over at one point by extremely smart telepathic alien species. Some humans kept werfles as pets. So they thought. Meanwhile the superior aliens living in the werfles considered these very same humans their pets. It is the same in this movie, where the AI is (or wants to be) the dominant in a symbiotic relationship, while the puny human is degraded to a subservient role. Many of us have already become addicted to our phones and turn to it as an emotional coping mechanism. Just a few hours ago in John Kellden’s excellent “Conversation” Facebook group I saw a poignant distillation of this, so I will leave it here: 

There’s two cults in the western world: 
f2f: consumption digital:
consumption of shiny memes
The first cult: an island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, the size of France.
The second cult: a learned helplessness, a social cognition rot, reduced to a like button clicking creature of habit.

Setting is often as important to whether one likes a movie or not as the plot. In this case the outdoor scenes, all shots and depicting gorgeous San Francisco helped to ease this movie into my heart. I happen to have been to San Fran lots of time and love the city as a frequent tourist. Hence every time I saw an iconic location–or even not so iconic, just an average yet typical SF street– I got a little jolt of pleasure. 

A part of my education here was learning about Kid Cudi. I admit I don’t follow modern pop/rap music so I never heard of him. When I first saw his name in the movie I thought they just made up a famous-looking music star for the movie’s sake. Turns out he is real and seems to be really successful, including having sold 16 million records according to his wikipedia page. To learn more about him and close a hole in my pop-culture knowledge I searched on Youtube and watched the first video that came up. It was the “Pursuit of Happiness” from 2009 with close to 200million views. Its lyrics includes these lines: “Everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold (hey) I’ll be fine once I get it, get it in, I’ll be good”. 

It entails the message of the film:
A, The plot revolves around the pursuit of happiness (through reaching for the impossible and following dreams.)
And B. it is not (through) a shiny object.
OK, message is delivered, even explicitly spelled out at the end in case someone doesn’t want to take the extra step to think even for a second what the movie was about. Now go watch it and have fun.

Buy/watch it on Amazon: DVD, Blu-Ray or Prime Video

Official site: IMDB: “A comedy about what can happen when you love your phone more than anything else in your life.”


Scene from Hysteriia with Charlotte Dalrymple (Maggie Gyllenhaal) showing the sink

Handwashing in the age of Hysteria

In the second scene of the 2011 movie Hysteria, set in 1880, an old school doctor confronting a young one over the existence of germs: tiny, invisible things that can make you sick. I heard that there is a TV personality who didn’t wash his hands in 10 years, because he doesn’t believe in invisible things. Amazing, 130 years later some people will opt for willful ignorance even in the smallest matters. I wonder whether he still keeps it up today, when good hygiene could save his life.

Here is a conversation later from the film, verbatim.

Charlotte Dalrymple: Occasionally we sneak in something slightly progressive. Oh…you might like this. Actually look. For example, this is where the children wash their hand. We use soap and boiled water. We do our best to keep the settlement sanitary, but you can’t imagine the filth and the germs.
Mortimer Granville: You know about germs?
Dalrymple: I do read, Doctor.
Granville: I spend years trying to convinced the medical establishment that the hand washing prevent disease and unsuccessfully. And then here you are teaching it to the children. And with great success.
Dalrymple: I know. With the parents is another story. But, eventually the children will teach them themselves.

This month most of us learned the proper way to wash our hands. What else should be teaching to our children with the hope they their children will always know it?

Buy the film on DVD or on BluRay on Amazon or watch it streaming.

IMDB: The truth of how Mortimer Granville devised the invention of the first vibrator in the name of medical science.


Kiss Llászló

Új videók a hajdani magyar undergroundbol (#16: 2020/2): Kiss Llászló, Dönci, Európa Kiadó, Kontroll Csoport, Müller Péter Sziámi, Balaton, VHK, Vető János, Wahorn András, Amen, Ápolók, MFAV, Colorstar, Hiperkarma, Tudósok

Új, azaz 2020 febuárjában megjelent videók a YouTube-n a hajdani, azaz a 80-as évekbeli magyar underground zenekarok (és azok tagjainak) közreműködésével. A sorozat/gyüjtésem eddigi részei itt vannak. 26 videó került bele ebbe a válogatásba

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