Map and Reality

American Academy of Religion, Nov. 19-22 2005, Philadelphia PA
Theme: “Map and Reality: Evolving Sacred Spaces in Asia.”This consultation solicits various methodological approaches to topics such as:

1) UNESCO World Heritage Sites (especially their early modern history and religious context before WHS designation, conservation, the effects of international recognition, contemporary economics and relations amongst males/females, pilgrims, tourists, vandals, clerics, local communities, government officials). Other relevant areas of inquiry will also be considered.2) Issues of authenticity and authority. What constitutes a “real” religious site in Asia and who decides?

3) Projecting Asia (the use of Asian sacred space in classic and contemporary film, television, or other popular media).

4) Recycled, reconfigured, or reconstructed sacred spaces in Asia or other host countries.

The deadline for AAR submissions is March 1. You can submit your abstracts and proposals to us by regular email or by using the OP3 system on the AAR website.

All the best – your co-chairs

Steven Heine, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Asian Studies
Director, Institute of Asian Studies
Florida International University
Miami, FL

Pamela D. Winfield, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Religion and Philosophy
Meredith College
Raleigh, NC

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