Essays: The state of religion globally (, of Catholicism.)

New Blackfriars Prize Essay Competition 2005 – £300The state of religion globally, and in particular of Catholicism.

Contributions may be on any issue under this heading; especially welcome, however, will be papers that focus on one country, recalling its recent past, contrasting it with its neighbours.

The final date for receipt of submissions is: 1 January 2006

Blackwell Publishing and the Editorial Board of New Blackfriars offer an essay prize of £300 to the winner of the competition and £100 each to two runners up.

Essays should not be longer than 7500 words; they should be submitted in the form suggested in the Author Guidelines on the New Blackfriars website – please visit to access these.

All entries will be regarded as submissions for publication in the journal and both winning and non-winning entries judged to be interesting enough will be published.

All submissions should be headed Prize Essay Competition, with the author’s name and address given in a covering letter but not on the essay itself and sent to:

The Editor
New Blackfriars
25 George Square

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