Tapestry and Comedy

Today’s issue of the Jewish-Theatre.com touched on positive Muslim-Jewish relations twice. First it informs us that:

The Wake Forest University’s Museum of Anthropology will host a free lecture by art historian Ori Soltes of Georgetown University on Feb. 12 at 7:30 p.m. The lecture titled “Jewish Threads in the Muslim Moroccan Tapestry: Jewish and Muslim Interactions in Morocco” is the third and final in a series offered with the exhibit, “Drinking from the Same Well: Jewish and Muslim Co-existence in Morocco.” In his lecture, Soltes will present an analysis of how Judaism and Islam are mingled in Moroccan symbols and art and how they reflect the society’s system of morals and standards of conduct.

Independently from the above I noticed this in an interview with British Jewish comedian Ivor Dembina:

He mentions Muslim friends so I want to know whether he thinks Jewish comics and Muslim comics need to get in front of an audience together.
‘I’ve been doing this for twenty years now and I’ve never directly encountered anti-Semitism or racism of any kind’ he declares. ‘There are conscious efforts going on between Muslims and Jews to get together and perform. I performed recently with the US Muslim comic Ahmed Ahmed- we put on a show in London and it went really well. I’ve been invited by another American comedian, Ray Hanania who is a Palestinian, to go out with him and a group of other Jewish and Muslim comedians to perform in the West Bank in the name of peace later this year. And I’m delighted to accept the invitation. Like the vast majority on both sides, I want peace.’

We also learn a bit down on the page that:

Later this year he’ll join other comedians, both Muslim and Jewish in a project , which will stage shows twice a year in the Middle East and other conflict zones. Last year, he went to the West Bank, to Jenin, as a peace volunteer and when he came back, he started to write and perform the show about the Middle East and his take on it that he calls . It’s this show that has its US premiere on 31 March.

Now, that’s the kind of show I’d like to see.

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