Me on YouTube

Finally I joined the video revolution, although somewhat halfheartedly. I posted a few videos on YouTube. They are all from rock or at least music concerts. The sound (and video) quality varies from terrible to acceptable. But they are all mine. I didn’t edit them in any form. I just wanted to share them as they are. Maybe next time I will have more time to play with them and at least enhance their quality one way or another. The ten I uploaded today include:

  • 3 Ray Manzarek (from The Doors) songs (and two short pieces where he talks between songs)
  • 2 songs from a Hungarian rockabilly band called Mystery Gang
  • 1 song from a Hungarian electronica band called Anima Sound System
  • 1 song from each of two Russian etnopunk bands: Deti Picasso and Ole Lukkoye

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