Spring 2007 classes

Looks like I survived my second quarter, four more to go. Next quarter, starting in two weeks, I will be taking these three classes. (Only the first one is for grade, the other two is credit/no credit)

LIS530 Organization of Information and Resources
Introduction to issues in organization of information and documents including: analysis of intellectual and physical characteristics of documents; principles and practice in surrogate creation, including standards and selection of metadata elements; theory of classification, including semantic relationships and facet analysis; creation of controlled vocabularies; and display and arrangement.
Textbook: The Intellectual Foundation of Information Organization by Elaine Svenonius

LIS526 Government Publications
Introduction to government publications of the United States and their acquisition, organization, and use. Other topics covered include the public’s right to know, the Federal Depository Library Program, government influences in our daily lives, and future directions in government information.
Textbook: United States Government Information: Policies and Sources by Peter Hernon

LIS551 Intellectual Freedom in Libraries
Analysis of issues related to intellectual freedom, particularly to implications for libraries and librarians. Consideration of current legal climate, conformity versus freedom in modern world, librarian as censor, social responsibility and individual freedom, intellectual freedom of children, prospects for future.
Textbook: Intellectual Freedom Manual (published by the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom)

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