Being Religious as a Factor for Peacemaking

Dr. Bernard Sabella, a Sociology professor at Bethlehem University and member of the Palestinian legislative council write a short article on the occasion that each of the three Abrahamic religions has a major holiday within the span of one week. “Last Saturday, Muslims celebrated Al Mawled Al Nabawi (Birthday of the Prophet); Jews celebrated Pessach (Passover) on Monday and Christians celebrate Easter this Sunday.” He suggests that “The failure of monotheistic religions lies in their inability to open up to each other’s narratives, beliefs and details of faith.” He is hoping (and me too) that:

that the religious will cease to be a basis for claims that negate the other and what he/she stands for. It is then that the test of the belief in the One God can become a factor for peacemaking and healing rather than for continued confrontation and plight.

I read the above at the Common Ground News Service, but they note that its source was The latter is “The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy. They however credit DSPR as their source. I couldn’t decipher what that stands for.

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