120 Books Added

In three hours this morning I managed to gather the information for 122 Kabbalah related books. It took me another hour to format them and ensure authority control on authors’ names and publishers’, so I could add them to the list. I still didn’t do a systematic sweep. This means there are still plenty of more books to discover and add. But I don’t have more time right now. Here is the quick list of the new additions:

  1. Aaron, David: Inviting God In: Celebrating the Soul-Meaning of the Jewish Holy Days
  2. Aaron, David: Living a Joyous Life: The True Spirit of Jewish Practice
  3. Aaron, David: The Secret Life of God: Discovering the Divine within You
  4. Altshuler, Mor: The Messianic Secret of Hasidism
  5. Bardon, Franz: The Key to the True Kabbalah
  6. Berg, Philip S.: Astrology, the Star Connection: The Science of Judaic Astrology
  7. Berg, Yehuda: Angel Intelligence
  8. Berg, Yehuda: Beyond Blame: A Full-Responsibility Approach to Life
  9. Berg, Yehuda: Dialing God: Daily Connection Book
  10. Berg, Yehuda: God Does Not Create Miracles
  11. Berg, Yehuda: Kabbalah on Love
  12. Berg, Yehuda: Life Rules
  13. Berg, Yehuda: Rebooting: Defeating Depression with the Power of Kabbalah
  14. Berg, Yehuda: The 72 Names of God for Kids: A Treasury of Timeless Wisdom
  15. Berg, Yehuda: The 72 Names of God: The Course: Technology for the Soul
  16. Berg, Yehuda: The Dreams Book: Technology for the Soul–Finding Your Way in the Dark: Kabbalah
  17. Berg, Yehuda: The Kabbalah Book of Sex: And Other Mysteries of the Universe
  18. Berg, Yehuda: The Monster is Real: How to Face Your Fears and Eliminate Them Forever
  19. Berg, Yehuda: The Red String Book: The Power of Protection
  20. Berg, Yehuda: The Wisdom Box: Kabbalah
  21. Berg, Yehuda: True Prosperity: How to Have Everything
  22. Berg, Yehuda (Editor): The Kabbalistic Bible: Exodus
  23. Berg, Yehuda (Editor): The Kabbalistic Bible: Genesis
  24. Berg, Yehuda (Editor): The Kabbalistic Bible: Leviticus
  25. Berg, Yehuda (Editor): The Kabbalistic Bible: Numbers
  26. Besserman, Perle: A New Kabbalah for Women
  27. Besserman, Perle: Teachings of the Jewish Mystics
  28. Boustan, Ra’anan S. (Editor): Heavenly Realms and Earthly Realities in Late Antique Religions
  29. Cardozo, Abraham Miguel: Abraham Miguel Cardozo: Selected Writings
  30. Chajes, J. H.: Between Worlds: Dybbuks, Exorcists, and Early Modern Judaism
  31. Cooper, David A.: Ecstatic Kabbalah
  32. Cooper, David A.: The Handbook of Jewish Meditation Practices: A Guide for Enriching the Sabbath and Other Days of Your Life
  33. Dan, Joseph: Jewish Mysticism: Volume 1: Late Antiquity
  34. Dan, Joseph: Jewish Mysticism: Volume 3: The Modern Period
  35. Dan, Joseph: Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction
  36. Dan, Joseph: The ‘Unique Cherub’ Circle- Jewish Mysticism and Esotericism in Medieval Germany
  37. Dan, Joseph: The Ancient Jewish Mysticism
  38. Dan, Joseph (Editor): Gershom Scholem and the Mystical Dimension of Jewish History
  39. Dan, Joseph (Editor): Studies in Jewish Mysticism: Proceedings
  40. Dan, Joseph (Editor): The Heart and the Fountain: An Anthology of Jewish Mystical Experiences
  41. Dennis, Geoffrey W.: Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism
  42. Elber, Mark: The Everything Kabbalah Book: Explore This Mystical Tradition–From Ancient Rituals to Modern Day Practices
  43. Feldman, Ron H.: Fundamentals of Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah
  44. Frankiel, Tamar: The Gift of Kabbalah: Discovering the Secrets of Heaven, Renewing Your Life on Earth
  45. Frankiel, Tamar, Ph.D.: Kabbalah: A Brief Introduction for Christians
  46. Giller, Pinchas: The Enlightened Will Shine: Symbolization and Theurgy in the Later Strata of the Zohar
  47. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: Awakening the Spark Within
  48. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: Body, Mind and Soul: Kabbalah on Human Physiology, Disease and Healing
  49. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: Consciousness & Choice: Finding Your Soulmate
  50. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: Living in Divine Space: Kabbalah and Meditation
  51. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: The Art of Education: Internalizing Ever-new Horizons
  52. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: The Covenant Of Marriage Chassidic Insights
  53. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: The Hebrew Letters: Channels of Creative Consciousness
  54. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: The Mystery of Marriage
  55. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: Transforming Darkness into Light
  56. Ginsburgh, Yitzchak: What You Need to Know about Kabbalah
  57. Goldwag, Arthur: The Beliefnet Guide to Kabbalah
  58. Green, Arthur: A Guide to the Zohar
  59. Green, Arthur: Devotion and Commandment: The Faith of Abraham in the Hasidic Imagination
  60. Green, Arthur: Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow
  61. Green, Arthur: Jewish Spirituality Vol. 1
  62. Green, Arthur: Keter
  63. Green, Arthur: Menahem Nahum of Chernobyl: Upright Practices, The Light of the Eyes
  64. Green, Arthur: Seek My Face: A Jewish Mystical Theology
  65. Green, Arthur: These Are the Words: A Vocabulary of Jewish Spiritual Life
  66. Green, Arthur: Tormented Master: The Life and Spiritual Quest of Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav
  67. Green, Arthur (Editor): Jewish Spirituality: From the 16th Century Revival to the Present
  68. Green, Arthur (Editor, Translator): Your Word Is Fire: The Hasidic Masters on Contemplative Prayer
  69. Halevi, Z’eEv ben Shimon: The Anatomy of Fate: Astrology and Kabbalah
  70. Halevi, Z’Ev Ben Shimon: The Anointed
  71. Hanson, Kenneth: Kabbalah: The Untold Story of the Mystic Tradition
  72. Hanson, Kenneth: Secrets From the Lost Bible: Hidden Scriptures Found
  73. Idel, Moshe: Abraham Abulafia: An Ecstatic Kabbalist [Two Studies]
  74. Idel, Moshe: Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines, Ladders
  75. Idel, Moshe: Enchanted Chains: Techniques and Rituals in Jewish Mysticism
  76. Isbell, Charles D: Corpus of the Aramaic incantation bowls
  77. Ivry, Alfred L., Elliott R. Wolfson, Allan Arkush (Editors): Perspectives on Jewish Thought and Mysticism
  78. Katz, Steven T. (Editor): Mysticism and Sacred Scripture
  79. Klein, Eliahu: Kabbalah of Creation: The Mysticism of Isaac Luria, Founder of Modern Kabbalah
  80. Kurzweil, Arthur: Kabbalah For Dummies
  81. Laenen, J. H.: Jewish Mysticism: An Introduction
  82. Laitman, Michael: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Kabbalah
  83. Luttikhuizen, Gerard P. (Editor): Paradise Interpreted: Representations of Biblical Paradise in Judaism and Christianity
  84. Matt, Daniel C. (Editor): The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Vol. 3
  85. Matt, Daniel C. (Editor): Zohar: Annotated & Explained
  86. Matt, Daniel C. (Translator): The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Vol. 1
  87. Matt, Daniel C. (Translator): The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Vol. 2
  88. Noegel, Scott B. (Editor): Prayer, Magic, and the Stars in the Ancient and Late Antique World
  89. Nurbhai, Saleel: George Eliot, Judaism And The Novels: Jewish Myth and Mysticism
  90. Orlov, Andrei A.: From Apocalypticism to Merkabah Mysticism: Studies in the Slavonic Pseudepigrapha
  91. Ozaniec, Naomi: The Kabbalah Experience: The Practical Guide to Kabbalistic Wisdom
  92. Petry, Yvonne: Gender, Kabbalah, and the Reformation: The Mystical Theology of Guillaume Postel, (1510-1581)
  93. Rosman, Moshe: Founder of Hasidism: A Quest for the Historical Ba’al Shem Tov
  94. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman: First Steps to a New Jewish Spirit: Reb Zalman’s Guide to Recapturing the Intimacy and Ecstasy in your Relationship with God
  95. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman: Fragments of a future scroll: Hassidism for the here and now
  96. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman: Jewish With Feeling: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Practice
  97. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman: Spiritual Intimacy: A Study of Counseling in Hasidism
  98. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman: The Dream Assembly
  99. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman: Wrapped in a Holy Flame: Teachings and Tales of The Hasidic Masters
  100. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman and Daniel Siegel: Credo of a Modern Kabbalist
  101. Schleicher, Marianne: Intertextuality in the Tales of Rabbi Nahman of Bratslav: A Close Reading of Sippurey Ma’asiyot
  102. Scholem, Gershom: Alchemy and Kabbalah
  103. Scholem, Gershom: Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah, Mysticism and Talmudic Tradition
  104. Scholem, Gershom: Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism
  105. Scholem, Gershom: On the Possibility of Jewish Mysticism in Our Time & Other Essays
  106. Scholem, Gershom: Sabbatai Sevi
  107. Scholem, Gershom: The Messianic Idea in Judaism: And Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality
  108. Schwartz, Howard: The Day the Rabbi Disappeared: Jewish Holiday Tales of Magic
  109. Shulamit: Kabbalah of Prayer: Sacred Sounds and the Soul’s Journey
  110. Steinsaltz, Adin: Learning From the Tanya: Volume Two in the Definitive Commentary on the Moral and Mystical Teachings of a Classic Work of Kabbalah
  111. Steinsaltz, Adin: Opening the Tanya: Discovering the Moral and Mystical Teachings of a Classic Work of Kabbalah
  112. Steinsaltz, Adin: Sustaining Utterance : Discoures on Chasidic Thought
  113. Steinsaltz, Adin: The Candle of God: Discourses on Chasidic Thought
  114. Steinsaltz, Adin: The Miracle of the Seventh Day: A Guide to the Spiritual Meaning, Significance, and Weekly Practice of the Jewish Sabbath
  115. Steinsaltz, Adin: Thirteen Petalled Rose: A Discourse on the Essence of Jewish Existence And Belief
  116. Steinsaltz, Adin: Understanding the Tanya: Volume Three in the Definitive Commentary on a Classic Work of Kabbalah by the World’s Foremost Authority
  117. Strassfeld, Michael: A Book of Life: Embracing Judaism As a Spiritual Practice
  118. Sullivan, Kevin P.: Wrestling With Angels: A Study of the Relationship Between Angels and Humans in Ancient Jewish Literature and the New Testament
  119. Swartz, Michael D.: Mystical Prayer in Ancient Judaism: An Analysis of Ma’Aseh Merkavah
  120. Swartz, Michael D.: Scholastic Magic
  121. Trachtenberg, Joshua: Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion
  122. Uzzel, Robert, L.: Éliphas Lévi and the Kabbalah – The Masonic and French Connection of the American Mystery Tradition

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