School Administration

I had a good administrative day on Friday. I finally sent a copy of a letter my school’s financial aids office asked me to. It turned out that the Social Security Administration (SSA) was not aware that I became a citizen. Although I proved it to my school, but for some reason they wanted to hear it from SSA too. So in March I went there, got my record updated and sent an email to the school that it is done. Btu this week I got another email from the school asking me to send a letter from the SSA to them. I complied, although I don’t see why they can not do it themselves, why I had to be the intermediary.I applied for financial aid for the summer quarter. I had to do it, because the regular financial aid is for the regular quarters. Summer is optional, but I want to take classes to finish faster. I wanted to apply earlier, but when I checked the website in February I learned that the necessary form would not be available till April 1. It took me a few days, but on the 6th I managed to apply. Turns out that the form was really simple. I don’t like to fill out long forms, so this surprise was a welcomed.

I also submitted finally a petition to the school I have been wanting to for a while. One of the required courses at school is Research Methods (570). For this class they are using the same textbook I used at my undergraduate school for practically the same class. Furthermore as a Sociology major I believe I did enough research, I wouldn’t learn much new. I hope they will accept my petition and I won’t have to take this class. I still have to 63 units at graduate school, but if my petition is successful I can take some other class instead.

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