IF8: Matilda in the Library

As I was reading the interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights as applied to access for minors I kept thinking of the movie Matilda. It is based on a wonderful Roald Dahl story, in which a young girl with dreadful parent and school principle befriends her teacher and manages to create a meaningful life for herself. Part of it was her regular trips to the local library where she read everything she could. She regularly pulled home her radio flyer cart with full of books. Now imagine if she would have been denied access to certain books because only grownups were allowed to read them. That would have been a big impediment in her development. This fictional story illustrates the best for me why I agree with that

Denying minors access to certain library materials and services available to adults is a violation of the Library Bill of Rights.

This entry is part of my Intellectual Freedom series.

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