IF9: Big Bad Wolf in Desperate Housewives

My wife started to watch the TV series Desperate Housewives on DVD, she is just in the first season. While I don’t watch it with her, sometimes I catch a scene or two, between my studies. A few days ago I’ve seen one where one of the main characters blew up at a meeting where parents were organizing a school play version of Little Red Riding Hood. The organizer attempted to insist of putting on stage an ultra-sanitized version in which the wolf doesn’t get killed at the end, because it shows a cruel treatment of animal. This parent was arguing for that the kids can handle this much violence. She did not make the point that ALA does that creating a different version of the play may violate copyright laws. Maybe this issue was not raised because this tale does not have a copyright owner who could sue the school. Nevertheless it was a funny scene that showed rather making storylines “politically correct” can overstep boundaries. This way the intellectual freedom of the parents and the children were protected. I was happy to see that the other mothers supported the production of the original version of the story.

This entry is part of my Intellectual Freedom series.

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