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In one of my classes LibraryThing was mentioned as an example of a site that connects people to people. I pointed out that there are plenty of other sites that connect people via shared interest of books. Here is the list (I know of) I’ve been wanting to write up for some time

Reading lists, journals: focuses on reading journals, reading lists and integration with your own blog. This went live March 30. is another online reading journal/blog site. They link to for selling books. is also about keeping track of what you read and what your friends are reading. It also has book recommendation feature is about reading lists, journals and book recommendations. Tags included. seems more professional because they use the correct terms folksonomy (use your own tags to categorize books) and faceted classification (predefined types of keywords.) It has the usual mix of sharing what you are reading, forums, and recommendations. They are part of the MyFilm, MyProgs, TagFacts, of Ideas network, all being “social lists” of their respective fields.

Book collectors’ dream: is similar to Librarything. It displays you collection on a nice shelf visual. It has groups devoted to authors/books. It’s local from Seattle. is also about cataloging your books. But your collection (or parts of it) can be private or public. It has loan tracking built into it. You can link to author’s or title’s website. It’s free, but accepts donations. helps trading items from your book collection with its point system. It also allows to “classify” your books with a tags. And of course can find people with similar interests. has the tagline: list books, share thoughts, meet people. Enough said. is more commercial than the others listed here, they clearly want to sell books. But they have more extensive forum features, not just blogs, and editorial stories, news.

It’s all about links, baby: is social bookmarking for books, DVDs, music and games. Very similar in functionality to is Digg for books. People submit stories/links related to books and then everyone can vote on them. Most popular goes on top.

Beyond books. Collector sites: is used for cataloging lots of things: books, music, movies, meals. It has suggestions and review features too. is similar to the above, but has a stronger focus on social network. Its listable categories are: movies, TV, DVDs, books, music, and games. is also about collection building of books, CDs, and movies. And their social tagging, sharing with friends, doing reviews, and forming groups. is primarily about tracking and borrowing books, CDs, DVDs, and games. Your locality counts. You can also coordinate activities with your friends. gives you searching for movies, books, music, or video Games based on UPC, ISBN, or keyword. It allows you to organize your collection the way you want it. The wishlist feature and the granularity of the setting whether to show your lists to your friend (or not) are noteworthy. is designed for collection management. Monetary value is important here. Wishlists, lots of metadata fields, custom tags and custom categories are welcome. “is the best way to catalog, organize and share your records, movies, books, comic books, stamps, coins, or practically anything else.” can catalog books, DVDs, music CDs, games and software. A unique feature compare to the others: it can access over 530 public libraries through the Z39.50 protocol.

International flavor: is somewhat integrated with Singapore National Library Board (NLB) catalogue information. is (or will be) a Japanese booklog. is German social cataloging site for books, music and now films too. You can join groups there. is the same as above, except it is for books only. Nice that they have users’ photos on the front. is a Swedish book collector site. They link to the price comparison site.

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