Jumper (2008, USA)

JumperI so wanted to see some action science fiction that I went ahead and checked out Jumper. It was one of the worst movies I have seen in the genre. Which is a shame, because the premise (the ability of jumping in space from one location to another) had potentials. But the writing was awful in this flick. The dialogs not just sounded, but were artificial. I hated the fact that the main guy could get away with bad things. Usually I like complex characters who are motivated by a mixture of good and bad intentions/emotions. This guy was not, complex. He was in it only for the money, the thrill and the girl. He could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. That’s not right, particularly not in a superhero feature. Come to think of it, when was the last time anybody wanted to see a complex personality in a superhero. Batman or Superman’s single big secret does not make them complex. This Jumper guy was confusing.

And the girl’s character was just as badly written. Why on earth she ends up with the boy at the end. He only did bad things to her. Don’t tell me that she likes to be lied to and be put in the victim position. Or maybe she is also in it for the thrill only. If yes, neither of them is my kind of people.

I was hoping that Samuel L. Jackson’s character would bring any memorable to the film. It didn’t. Dying his hair to wait and making him a protective evil cop did nothing for me.

OK, I did enjoy some of the scenery. But even shooting sphinxes from choppers became formulaic. Not to mention my aversion of library being destroyed several times. Why does the “hero” have to jump from the icy river to a peaceful aisle at the Ann Arbor public library. Twice. That damaged so many books that it was physically hard for me to watch. At the third scene set in the library the rest of the floor was destroyed by displacing it with an apartment that our jumper dragged there. Jumper is not recommended for budding librarians like me.

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