Dark Fury (2004, USA)

Dark FuryI enjoyed Dark Fury  more than I thought I would. It is a 35 minute animation from the Riddick world. The plot is set between the two movies of that world (Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick). I was expecting and got the action, shooting fighting I have seen the movies. What I did not expect was the style both visual and text narration that was familiar from the Aeon Flux series. Vin Diesel can sound just as uncaring, alien and alienated as Denise Poirier. I checked the credits only after I have watched the animation and was not surprised to see that they were created by the very same person Peter Chung. So, if you are up for gravity-defying action, for some bloody violence, for tantalizing villains, thawing collection of hired guns and genuine criminals, but also for some beautiful choreography, flickering reality then this feature will not leave you disappointed.

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