Hitman (2007, USA)

HitmanSometimes I think, that my little movie reviews are not original enough. But what else can I say when I encounter a film that feels like a combination of themes seen elsewhere. Hitman, for me, was a great amalgam of (James Cameron’s TV series) Dark Angel, James Bond and the Bourne movies. The creators of Hitman took from Dark Angel the took the background of the hero(?), by creating a mysterious agency that was in charge of brining up this (and many other) assassins. But Hitman, has not genetic superpowers, even if sometimes it seems like. The posh interior of luxury hotels and outdoor shots of exotic locations from the James Bond series are also familiar building blocks. The top of this category is the vision of how a Russian drug/gun lord would put together his den in Turkey, with no expenses spared. On the other hand the music, the cutting and the rhythm of the movie was a straight take from the three Jason Bourne movies.

Having said all of the above you might think that I did not found anything original in Hitman. You would be mistaken. I was pleasantly surprised by the twists. I also enjoyed the fact that the hero(?) is searching for his own humanity and is showing a little bit of emotions. Oh no, not on his face, that remains stone cold throughout the ordeal. But he finds in his slowly evolving heart the courage not to kill a few people who he could have. Nevertheless I am consistently putting a question mark after our “hero” (?), because how can we sympathize with somebody who makes a living out of killing. Even if most of the victims seem to deserve it, I cannot full heartedly for our smooth, handsome and professional anti/protagonist. The movie is good enough showing the complexity of such a character and fast-paced enough to enjoy the plot.

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