Stormbreaker (2006, UK)

StormbreakerI feel cheated. I checked this movie because of Ewan McGregor and Alicia Silverstone. McGregor is in it in about three scenes, all over in the first 5 minutes. Silverstone has slightly more screentime, but it is not much better. Whoever was responsible for her makeup and wardrobe should be fired. She looked bad. It was a shock for me, because I recall her cuteness from teen movies and Aerosmith videos and from Blast from the Past. In the latter I thought she could really act, but in Stormbreaker she made me rethink her qualities. Or maybe she was just dispassionate about this project and her minor role in it.

Now, that I am over venting I can say that the movie was entertaining enough. The protagonist teenage boy(, who turns from an orphan schoolboy under the care of his boring uncle to a parachuting, gadget using, fast running spy) was well acted by newcomer Alex Pettyfer. The action shots and chases were well-choreographed. The over-the-top characters were funny with their extreme costumes and facial expressions. Overall I had fun. But if you’d ask me details about the movie a few weeks form now I probably would not remember much.

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