Rushmore (1998, USA)

I finally managed to watch Rushmore from beginning to end. I started it three times in the past and found it so annoyingly pretentious, that never cared to finish it. But I was told so many times that it is a great movie, that today, when I was in a relaxed enough mood I was ready to give it another try. I admit I enjoyed a lot of its qualities, but overall I think I missed the reason why this film should be called great. Part of the reason for that is that as far as I know it has a lot of references to American pop culture, most of which eluded me.

However the fact that everybody talked slowly grabbed my attention. I do not recall the last move whether the conversation had this kind of pacing. Most of them are much faster. I enjoyed being taken back to a slower time, even though I knew it was just as full as tension as speedy movies.

I also sympathized with the idea of being a lifelong student. If somebody would pay me I wouldn’t mind staying in school for good. But not like the protagonist who was being active in the extracurricular side of the school. I like studying itself. He seems to have enjoyed the attention he got by being an initiator of clubs and programs. The fact that his social skills are skewed somewhat contradicts the analysis that he would be a social animal. He considered himself a mover and a shaker in hi environment. That is how he wished to fulfill his sense of belonging. The harsh reality was though that he lived in a dreamworld which the rest of the world did not comply with. By the end of the move though, he gained enough experience to be OK with being a teenager and not wanting to break out of its restrictive limitations fully.
Fortunately for him his creativity never got restricted in the process except when he self-censored himself to a life of barbership, following his father’s footsteps.

Before sharing he three quotes from the movie that intrigued me enough to remember I want to mention how I appreciated the example in coopetition. By combining his efforts with his friends to re-gain the love of the same woman they both got into better shape both mentally and physically. This is a good, generalizable lesson. And now the quotes:

  • I was in love with her first.
  • I saved Latin. What did you ever do?
  • I wrote a hit play … and I am in love with you.

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