Zoom (2006, USA)

I wanted to watch something light and sci-fi-ish so I found Zoom – Academy for Superheroes. It is a kid movie (rated PG), so it fit the bill fine. It had a couple of actors who had seen better days (Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase, Rip Torn), but they are still fun to watch. It also had young faces I was not familiar with. Based on the list of past roles I assume the teen actors (Kate Mara and Michael Cassidy) are considered hot, while even the youngest ones had a couple of roles already behind them by the time they shot this movie. The story is simple enough: retired superhero is called back to train a new team to save the world from a coming calamity. The danger turns out to be in the form his turned brother, turned as in turned from good to evil. Almost everything is predictable in this flick, from the jokes, to the writing and acting. Rest assured the day is saved, the team is bonded the comical boss is punished; the dorky scientist turns out to have superpower herself. All is well by the end. The actors seemed to have such fun making it that I had fun watching it. It was fluffy and colorful, with good pacing. It was the cure I needed to let some steam go, after working hard for too long.

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