Doomsday (2008, UK)

I may need to change my self-image. I always thought of myself as somebody who does not enjoy horror movies. I want to stand by this belief of mine, but it is getting harder. After all I enjoyed the Resident Evil movies and “28 days later” quite a bit. (28 weeks later not as much.) I just watched Doomsday, which is many regard similar to the above. There is a virus, a large scale quarantine (that eventually gets broken), a female hero who’s supporting team gets destroyed one by one. This time a few more borrowed elements were added to the mix, including Mad Max style punks and vehicles, Thunderdome style entertainment, Middle Ages style feudal knighthood, Roman style gladiator fight. But most of all lots of blood the prerequisites for all horror movies. I watched this movie on video, i.e. on small screen, so the splash was not as huge, and it was easier to turn away my head. But I caught myself not turning away as often as I used to. It might have to with the fact that a lot of the gore was so obviously fake. I don’t think I need to bother with telling the story, you can check that for yourself. If you’re into sci-fi-action-thriller you will check this out anyway. If not then why should I tire you with it?

The editing was great, the directing smooth and the acting straightforward. My only surprise came at the very end of the movie. SPOILERS ahead. After our heroine prevails and not just delivers the cure for the disease, but also brings down the corrupt system that sent her. But her last choice, of going back to the saveg society in Glasgow and taking leadership was a bit out of character in my opinion. She is a fighter with a moral backbone. Why would she go back and support a cannibal bunch. Does she want to turn them slowly towards civilization? Or she wants to have some fun and join fight. Or she wants to fight the “civilized side of the wall with her retrained troops? I have no idea. Except that the director wanted to show the buff hero in blue light surrounded by howling punks. It was a nice image, but without logic.

Which reminds me, how come that the bad guys and girls so often look like punks in these movies? And how come they can always fix a good mohawk, even when industrial production of everything has stopped. Including make up, which is often heavily applied to them. Don’t get me wrong. Personally I like the punk look. It appeals to me sense of aesthetics. I am just having a hard time believing that in a post-apocalyptic word people would spend so much time on perfecting their hard look as they seem to do. I would think that they would need their time and resources to forage, get food and survive. And not painting their mohawks to the latest shade of blue.

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