Shooter (2007, USA)

Shooter is reminded of a modern Rambo story, where the hero comes home from a foreign war disillusioned because of betrayal and starts to fight back home in the good ol US. The similarities end there though. He, played by Mark Wahlberg, is disheartened, because he and his mate were left behind in enemy territory by superior officers. He makes it, his buddy does not. Fast forward a couple of years and you see  a rugged mountain man in his remote cabin, who does not believe what the government pushes through the news. That’s when he is sought out by a colonel (Danny Glover) to plan, but not execute a presidential assassination. Our hero falls for the plan, but soon enough he learns that it was a setup to frame him.

I won’t spoil most of the story for you; just share a minor observation about the end of the movie. The protagonist comes through against all odds, figures out who the real killers are and even manages to get some evidence against them in the form of an audio recording of a confession. But instead of giving the evidence to people/agencies he could trust he dramatically destroys it. His mistrust of the whole government is so deep, that he believes the evidence would be buried in an avalanche of bureaucracy. This surprised me. A few years ago the movie would have ended here, him triumphantly passing the evidence, and then we would see him rehabilitated and the bad guys going to prison. Not any more, you cannot trust any more the government, not even in a Hollywood blockbuster.

I could not help noticing that the only two female characters were played by actresses I just saw in other films. Kate Mara was a silly teenager in Zoom. It’s funny that in a movie shot a year later she had a role as a young woman in her twenties, who was shown in some rather explicit scenes. Rhona Mitra, on the other hand as the heroine of Doomsday was a bona fide action hero there. Here she is little more than a glorified paper pusher in an FBI office, whose most risky accomplishments involves taking the risk of making unauthorized phone calls. Both women had minor roles only as this is a classic action movie for guys. It worked fine for me.