Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008, USA)

A few months ago we were driving through San Francisco and noticed a few unusual posts at a few bus stops. They were white background, black lettering, mimicking handwriting, containing some unpleasant words and ending with “” The ads were effective enough that we checked the website when we got home and learnt that they were advertising a new movie with Kristen Bell. We rather liked her in the Veronica Mars TV series as a high school student who does detective work, so we checked this movie out as well. The funny thing was that the movie opened with a scene from a fictional TV series, where she was a detective again. Furthermore at the end of the movie, they were showing a scene from her (the character’s) new series, where she had superpowers. This is a direct reference to her new recurring role in Heroes, although the superpowers are different. I was glad and freaked at the same time that I am immersed enough into TV series to notice these references. Am I watching too much TV?

But back to Sarah Marshall. I liked enough this light and somewhat predictable romantic comedy. It had enough funny moments and characters. The rock start persona was well delivered by Russell Brand, but having worked at the front desk of hotels I appreciated more Mila Kunis‘ Rachel, who had the same job. I’ve only seen her in the TV series “That 70s show” and was wondering about her ethnic background. I just learned that she is an Ukrainian Jew. Which reminds me that I was wondering about the Biblical naming of the characters. She is Rachel and the other woman in the love triangle Sarah. In the Bible they are two generation off from each other so that is not the intended reference if there was any. On the other hand here, Sarah is the original first woman and Rachel is a very latecomer into the family, due to unfortunate circumstances. While she is a venerated ancestor, but she is the only of the four foremothers who was not buried with the other patriarchs and matriarchs, so she remained an outsider. In the movie Rachel is the islander, while the others are from the continental metropolis. I know that the parallel a bit forced, but having two Biblical names in a movie made me think of it.

If your want to have a pleasant 90 minutes go check this out, particularly the puppet musical segment about Dracula.