Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008, USA)

The three main reasons I liked the original Lost Boys from 1987 was that it was shot in Santa Cruz, that Kiefer Sutherland was a cool evil guy and that this was the first (and only) biker/vampire movie I’ve seen. Unfortunately the sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe, made 21 years later only kept the third part. No, I am wrong, the plot line is so similar to the first one that it is scary And I do not mean scary you like that in horror movies. On a scale of predictability I give it 11 out of ten. I am sorry, even the tagline (“Never grow old. Never die. Never know fear again.”) sounds more funny than menacing. The special effects were tired, and the main actors seemed too.

As I want to find positive things to say about the movie I should mention Corey Feldman‘s raspy voice. I haven’t followed this typical 80’s star’s career (Gremlins, Goonies, Stand by Me, Lost Boys, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever) since then, but seems like he’s done a lot of action/horror movies. His voice certainly fits it. The other painfully hilarious aspect of the movie was the Aunt character, who was so out of touch with her newcomer relatives’ lives and youth in general that her mild wickedness became funny.

The only way I could recommend this movie I if you treat it a parody of vampire movies. Every time you see or hear a cliché you should pop a piece of pop-corn in your mouth. By the end of the movie you will be more than full.

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