AVPR: Aliens vs Predator – Requiem (2007, USA)

Considering that I haven’t seen the Predator movie(s) or the first Alien Vs Predator movie I was not sure what to expect from AVPR. So I set my expectations low, hoping for a monster movie with two main monsters and lots of fights. That’s exactly what I got. There were plenty of action shots, running/jumping around and a few sexy scenes. As I was not well versed in the prequels to this movie I could not compare it to those, and probably missed out on references. But I am not sure how much more enjoyable it would have been. The point of this kind of movie is not the thinking, intellectual part, but the action and monsters. I was satisfied with both. I also like to write about the actors. But this time, none of them left a deep impression on me. They were not outstanding or terrible bad. Entertaining, average action movie, thank you for tuning me out for 100 minutes.

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