Buddy (2003, Norway)

My mother-in-law belongs to an online filmclub, FilmMovement. Once a month she receives a DVD, showing an independent (and often foreign, i.e. non-US) movie, a short film and extras. This is how she got Buddy, a Norwegian movie from a few years ago. Being proud of her Norwegian heritage she was more than happy to lend us the movie. And we were very happy to watch it. It is a funny one, with well developed characters, and great messages that are not too invasive.

On one hand it is about the limits of friendship of three young men who live together. The question is that when one of them has the chance to sell out for money and fame, will he betray his friends or not. The answer, this being a generally feel good movie, won’t be a big surprise for you, but you may be astonished by the way he manages to solve the problem. The other theme is fame itself. What does it do to creative, young, free-spirited men? How it changes them differently, depending on their nature and background. You can also see a sympathetic description of extreme agoraphobia and fear of commitment. We are lucky though that these two problems don’t appear in the same person.

These were just the main issues; there are plenty of minor ones. Beyond enjoying the storyline, the characters and the actors who made them live I also had fun looking at the material culture of a country I have never been to. The streets, houses, furniture, shops, every day objects are different enough in Norway that I would notice them, but similar enough to what I have seen in my life that they would not be totally alien for me. It made me want to go there. One of these days I will…

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