D(ragon) War(s) (2007, South Korea)

The many parentheses in the title of this post reflect my confusion about it. The main heading on the DVD said “Dragon Wars,” but under it in smaller font I also saw “D-War”. In the movie itself they were the other way around. “D-War” was the main title, while “Dragon Wars” was a much smaller subheading. This leads to my second point in the title of the post. I like to mark the country of origin of the movies I write about. Here I posted South Korea, because the director is from that country, the movie was partially shot there and the mythology is an offshoot fantasy version of Korean myths. But the actors are mostly American, parts of the movie were shot in California and I saw it in English. In other words the movie does not fit narrow boxes.

This also applies to its genre. By default it is a fantasy film with dragons and heroes and magic fighting against and with modern technology of our age. But there are plenty of hidden jokes in it, which are appearing only if you pay attention and know a bit of the culture. For some this is a straight comedy, because the action scenes seem so intentionally absurd. Not for me, I was willing to take it at its face value though.

The two main characters (Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks ) were good enough on their own. But I did not buy their chemistry. Fortunately they did not have too many joined on-screen scenes. What I enjoyed the most in the film, and the reason I can recommend it to those who are fond of it, was the CGI (computer-generated imagery). These were some of the best drawn dragons I’ve seen in a while. And you know how many dragons I have been encountering lately…

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