Earthstorm (2006, USA)

Earthstorm is a nice little Armageddon knock-off. It has almost the same story line, asteroid is coming and will destroy Earth, or in this case the Moon. If it is not stopped life as we know it will end A rogue, outsider demolition expert is called in and does the job, against evil bureaucrat who is trying to sabotage him all the way. Simply executed, with some special effects, but mostly computer animation that reminded me of the late nineties.

But the actors pulled up the movie from its below average production value. I keep bumping into Amy Price-Francis nowadays. I first noticed her in a short lived sci-fi series called Tracker. Then I watched recently the first season of Californication, where she was present in four episodes. She stood out, by not getting naked, like all the other women. And now I see her in the currently running series, The Cleaner. I haven’t decided yet, whether I like the series, but she is definitely worth watching. Meanwhile, in Earthstorm the hero is played by Stephen Baldwin. I used to think that Steve Buscemi face and the roles he got early on were “seedy”. But I have seen him in non-seedy roles and his directing too, so my image of him is changing. (He is not in this movie.)

Meanwhile I think Stephen Baldwin is going the other direction. He started out as a teen star, the younger of the Baldwin brothers. But nowadays his face looks more and more sinister to me. That is odd, because for example here he should have looked heroic, as he was saving the day and the planet. But every time I looked at him I thought he must have had some ulterior secret motive. I don’t know why I think this way, but it made harder to enjoy the movie’s simple direction. Anyway I got my sci-fi dosage for the day, so I am satisfied.