Balls of Fury (2007, USA)

Balls of Fury is a funny enough comedy because it combines many sources for laugh. On one hand it is a parody of early Jean Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, where he was winning underground, illegal and deadly martial art championships. But the sport practiced here is ping-pong, which is depicted just as wild and dangerous. The movie is also mocking the ugly duckling theme in a reverse way. We see the protagonist as a successful 12 year old who was forced to lose the championship. Then we see him as an ugly, lazy, out-of-shape, 30 year old, who through shear luck, hard work (and government manipulation) wins the day.

All of these and the always great Christpher Walken makes the movie enjoyable. The quirkiness, the almost naked ladies, the exaggerated costumes, the sexual references lower the quality and the target audience to pubescent level. That part of me enjoyed at the end of the movie most. I had to turn off the adult part of me, to have fun. As I had no problem doing so, I had fun. If you can’t do it, then don’t watch this one.