Rancid Aluminium (2000, UK)

I made the mistake watching Rancid Aluminium as a background movie while I was doing something else. Now I feel it deserves a second chance, because this way I missed so many segments of the fast paced action that I probably missed what made this movie good. If anything. But based no my limited viewing experience, it seemed like a gangster movie, that wanted to be more by including intriguing Russian, yet obscure and undefined characters plot elements and scenes into the mix of British middle class sibling warfare.

I definitely enjoyed the cinematography (lots of overhead shots in closed rooms, unusual perspectives in outside shots) the music (electronica, rock and Bowie), the scenery (contemporary and old London I haven’t seen in decade and Russian palaces, pubs and countryside). But I did not care for the story itself, was not inclined to put the mental energy necessary to figure out who is fighting whom, why and how.

I think at this point thought my best shot of understanding what the movie was about is reading James Hawes’ book of the same title (what the movie was based on.) Considering though the little time I have reading for fun I will probably skip it. But you feel free to read it. You’re still probably better off than watching the movie.

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