Love in the time of cholera (2007, USA)

I haven’t even read (yet!) Gabriel García Márquez’ novel of the same title from which Love in the time of Cholera was made, but I think it deserves a second chance. There were so much good in the movie that it is rather said, that because of bad acting it became an unpleasant movie. The good parts include the authentic scenery, the time-appropriate recreation of life in Latin American between 1880 and 1930, the music, and of course the story with its grand themes of love, redemption, loyalty.

I do not like to write too negative reviews, because I always appreciate the effort, thought, energy and money that goesinto a making a movie. Obviously, none of these were spared for this one either. I just wish that they would have spent a bit more on makeup for example. The same actors and actresses playing their older self is a nice idea, but then you have to create design good enough masks and makeup effects to make it believable. Opening the movie with young actors, badly disguised as old people, ruined the flavor for me. Then the poor acting followed.

My recommendation: read the book, (I know I will) and wait for another version of the movie if Márquez will allow another interpretation ever.