Sands of oblivion (2007, USA)

I liked Sands of oblivion, a medium budget made for TV Mummy knock for what it was. It did not try to be more than the above and I appreciate that. It made me want to check out Cecil B. DeMille’s first version of The Ten Commandments from 1923. The premise of this movie starts of with the breaking down and burial of the structures used for DeMille’s production, including original Egyptian artifacts that were brought over to California, containing the holding cell of a powerful and evil G-d. Fast forward to today, where archeologist uncover the remnants buried for 80 years and accidentally let loose the killing creature. I assume it won’t surprise you that by the end of the movie, after running a number of rounds of amok good will prevail and the indestructible god is destroyed.

I do not even consider a spoiler telling you that the sexy archeologist gets together with the solider returning from the Iraq were who saves her and everyone else’s life. (Conveniently, the “everyone” does not include the guy from whom our heroine is in the process of divorcing from.) My favorite scene was the solider fighting with two-dimensional Egyptian warriors, who were brought alive by the god, straight off from the frescoes. There were a few other fun fight and chase scenes, enough simple jokes to make it a good enough entertaining TV movie. Do not hold your hopes and expectations high and you won’t be disappointed.