Sharpshooter (2007, USA)

You know how you can tell when a columnist writes a “filler” article so s/he could meet the required quota. I suspect that some of you suspect me doing the same. Sure, I write about “serious” films, dramas, independent, foreign (aka, non US) movies and comedies, but I post disproportionately more about action and sci-fi movies. I watch them because they entertain me; I can tune out the thinking side of my brain. In this blog I try to make only every second post about one of these, while the in-between posts can be about non-action focus movies.

Sharpshooter was however a typical “filler” kind. I do not have much to say about it, because the movie does not have much to say, beyond telling the story of a retiring assassin, who takes one more job for his usual client, the US government that of course gets complicated. After lots of shootings, chases, twists and a couple of betrayal he gets his well-deserved retirement package, including, of course the girl. The protagonist sharpshooter was played smoothly and nonchalantly by James Remar, who was familiar from two TV series I like: as a mayor in Jericho and as the father of Dexter. I had a good time with this movie, but forgot all about it in a week, as I expected.