War (2007, USA)

Back in 2000-2001 when I was carpooling with my friend/boss a lot we talked a bout movies no the ride. He was a Jet Li fan, so I watched a few of his movies. They were spectacular. The War is not though. The fighting is mostly happening with guns instead of using martial arts. I enjoy this kind of choreography much less. Without that not much is left in this movie. The story is rather unsurprising, at least I knew from very early on what the main twist will be at the end. I am not a genius, so I think of it as a weakness of the movie, that they set up the mystery in a way that did not remain mysterious for any thinking person.

Meanwhile the story went along its predictable route of rogue, misunderstood FBI agent making sure that honor is restrained, while the seemingly soulless assassin did his own duty of killing. The high point, and only character with some sense of humor was the evil, sword swiveling heiress, played by Devon Aoki. She was familiar from Sin City and The Mutant Chronicles. Unfortunately I still could not care less for the balding hero of Jason Statham, from the Transporter series or In the Name of the King.

Overall I was rather board, despite the few better fight scenes.

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