10,000 BC (2008, USA)

Roland Emmerich, the director of 10,000 BC sure likes to make epics with fantastic tints. After all he directed The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, Independence Day, Stargate and is now working on 2012. This movie fits in the epical series as it depicts big, sweeping historical events and is full of imagined, recreated vivid images. These details and some of the actors’ work I enjoyed. But I also kept shaking my head as I was remembering the little history I know of the period. Well, that is exactly the problem, it was showing not one period, but combined different eras (and geographic areas) that were far part in history. This disturbed me, but as soon as I replaced the idea that I was watching a history film with the notion that it is an adventure film I calmed down. I just wish every viewer would know this and would not think of this film as fit for the History channel.

I mentioned the actor’s work. I have to start with Omar Sharif, the narrator, whose voice by now sounds as timeless as needed for such an out-of-time movie. Camille Belle was beautiful, but did not have the chance to show off her acting capabilities; like she superbly did in the two movies I have seen (The Chumscrubber and The Ballad of Jack and Rose). Steven Strait delivers the role of the hero with a heart and minds (besides muscles) adequately enough, but not particularly convincing. I think the movie would have been much better 10-20 minutes shorter, as even with the spectacular visuals it did not manage to keep my attention; i.e. I was bored every once in a while. My advice: read a good paleontology book, watch Belle’s other movies for her acting, and flip through a picture book. Combined together you would have a better (spent) time.

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