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I noticed that most of my reviews are of US made movies from the last three years. I want to change this trend and I want to watch good movies, including more older and foreign ones. In the first round, which may last years, I am following the Guardian’s “1000 films to watch before you die” list. I have seen about a third of them already in the past. I am not interested in approximately a fourth of them, because this particular list contains more sexual, horror and violent movies than I prefer. A small portion of the movies are not available for borrowing on DVD or VHS. Which leaves about 250-300 movies I still can and plan to check out. Not to mention that I may re-view some of the movies on the list I have seen 10-20-25 years ago. When/if I am done with this 1000 I will go and look whether a similar list, published in a book titled “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die,” has anything that the Guardian missed. Then I move onto the films from the book Movie Lust that I got as a gift from my wife a few years ago.

Reviews of the top 1000 movies will be appearing here slowly in more or less alphabetical and chronological order; i.e. I start with the movies, titles starting with A, and go from the oldest to the newest within them. But there are at least 40-50 movies I have seen and not review yet, so the top 1000 movie reviews will be interspersed with those. But they are coming and will contain a link back to this to show, that they are from the quality list of movies and not just from the recent movies list.

HERE is my version of the list, where you can sort them by a number of criteria and get extensive information about each title.

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