27 dresses (2008, USA)

27 dresses is a conventional romantic comedy about a woman who after being the bridesmaid of 27 of her girlfriends is getting ready for becoming a bride herself. She has to go through some hurdles, including standing up against her own sister, who happens to go after the same guy, and the fear of recognition of her own emotions. We watched it mostly because of Katherine Heigl, who was one of my wife’s favorite actresses from the Grey’s anatomy TV series. Fr my taste it was a bit too predictable and too slow and not funny enough. As a romantic comedy it could have used more comedy, i.e. better writing. As usual for this kind of movies, the preview had all the good moments, built up some slight expectations (not much though) and then left you hanging, waiting for something extra that never arrived. Oh well, the dresses and the people were cute if that counts.

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