Miss Conception (2008, UK)

In Miss Conception the lovely Heather Graham plays a buys professional woman, who is told she has one week to get pregnant as she only has one more egg. She really wants a child, but she just took a break from her commitment-anxious boyfriend, who is out of town for exactly this crucial time period. Furthermore he has a secretary, who tries to get him for herself and blocks Graham’s access. As you might have guessed by now it is a rom-com. I just learned this abbreviation for romantic comedy.

There is not much more to tell about the movie, the actors, the story, the directing – none of them are out of the ordinary. The movie touches on the deeper issue of infertility, but doesn’t dwell too deep or long on it. If anything it discredits doctors working in this area, which I felt was not fair. But they were sold down for a cheap shot of humor, like everything else. There were a few funny one-liners and situation, but by now I forgot them, despite having seen the movie only 4 days ago. If you have the time to have forgettable fun, go for it.

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