CLA’08-2: Dynamic leadership

At 10:15 on Saturday I had 15 minute break so I did a quick round in the exhibition floor, which was next to the series of rooms where the conference lectures were held. Then I headed for my next session at 10:30, titled “How dynamic leadership can lead libraries into the future!“. Considering that I sometimes doubt my leadership abilities, capacity and aptitude I was looking forward to this lecture. I was hoping to gain some techniques ideas, practical tips how I can lead my library and let the library lead the patrons to a better future. This was the official description of the sessions:

This session will demonstrate what strategies are employed by strong role models to make librarianship work in different types of California libraries. Discussion on how positive and humanistic leadership can help struggling libraries in areas of fundraising, outreach, and staff development. Successful librarians will tell how they made a difference in their respective communities. Sponsored by: Native Libraries Round Table

Unfortunately I did not read carefully the last few words and I did not know what it meant. The session, or at least the first 40 minutes was all about Native American collections. I learned a lot about them and respect their work tremendously. However I was already having a hard time selecting which concurrent session to go to. Going to this one felt the wrong choice for me; not the best use of my time. I as embarrassed to stand up and leave, but when after 40 minutes there was still not a single word mentioned about the topic I was waiting for I left. I felt bad for the speakers and wanted to assure them that me leaving had nothing to do with the quality of their talks or the content of their message. I had no way of doing so, so I left as quietly as I could.

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