CLA’08-3: Infopeople sessions

As by the time I got out of the native session it was too late to sneak in to any of the other sessions I headed to the exhibition floor again. I did not stay without intellectual stimulus there either. InfoPeople, the training arm of the California State Library had a huge booth, more like a series of booths. For example they had a few fullsize mascots made out of recycled materials. This was a photo opportunity as they had a number of costumes to put on and they made pictures and even printouts of the people who were brave enough to get into them. As you can see it brought the vampire out of me too.

InfoPeople also had open auditorium area, where they had 15 minutes long mini lectures and mini demos going on all day. In the next 2 hours I watched three of them. They were all fun and informative enough, although I was already familiar with some of the content. InfoPeople posted all the handouts of the presentation on this dedicated page on their website: So I do not have to share my notes from these events, because you can download the content directly. These are the mini-lectures I personally checked out:

Rochelle Carr: Be an Information Agent: 10 Easy Ways to Put Your Library Into the Center of Your Community
Below is the outline of Ms Carr’s presentation. Under each of these headings she had 5-10 subpoints, very helpful

  • Find a niche and fill it.
  • Become the expert
  • Offer resources
  • Go to your audience
  • Teach classes or booktalk at meetings
  • Offer to be a speaker at a service club.
  • Participate in parades
  • Write a local column
  • Write newspaper articles and submit
  • Be the location for local community events.
  • Spam patron email.

Eileen O’Shea: Picasa versus Flickr: Smackdown!
Good overview and comparative analysis of both picture hosting sites, including the statistics, basics, social networking options, and editing features.

Lori Ayre: Why My Library Should be Considering an Open Source ILS
She channeled Princess Leia from the future, where open source ILS is already common. Having studied the topic myself there were not too many surprises in her well-collected presentation. But her slides copied below, comparing libraries and open source was right on target.

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