CLA’08-6: Saturday evening

Technically my evenings did not belong to the conference, because I did not stay to socialize. But as I am trying to blog about the whole weekend experience I might as well write it down. So after the last session Saturday afternoon I drove over to Santa Cruz. I stopped by at my friend’s house who was kind of enough to put me up. He was not home, but I could get in to drop off my bag. After resting a little bit, I headed out. I had a burrito at my old favorite place, not too far from where I lived five years. Next, as the lights were on and people were gathering I stopped by at the Rio Theatre. I volunteered there for a few years, so it was great to see the owner, the house manager and the place doing well. I chatted with them for 15 minutes then headed to downtown. There I spent a comfortable half an hour browsing at my favorite bookstore: Logos. I bought a book for my wife (At Oma’s Table: More than 100 Recipes and Remembrances from a Jewish Family’s Kitchen) and one for myself: Dreams of Being Eaten Alive: The Literary Core of the Kabbalah by David Rosenberg. I already finished a third of the latter and it is great, thought provoking and informative. Both books were on the heavy discount shelves, got them for 4-5 dollars.

To finish off the evening I went to a dance show, where friends were involved with the sound and music. The show, put on by the Mir & A Company (aka Miranda), was titled Hands Left Behind. It was “a theatrical aerial dance production based on a true story of one persons’s journey into the desert. The character, Charles Bowden, encounters bewitching memories, strange entities and desert songs that help him navigate his psyche’s portrayal of himself and relationship to the land. Bowden’s journey takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with the land.” I really enjoyed the aerial dance parts. Upon returning to my friend’s house we caught up, i.e. chatted till after midnight, when I practically collapsed of exhaustion.

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