The 1000 best films

The editors of Guardian, the British paper compiled a list of 1000 movies they must consider the best, because they titled their list “1000 films to see before you die.” The online version of their list contains their short summary, but no links to IMDB or easy way to browse the list, besides groupings by the first letter of the movie title. The version of the list is great, because you can clone it, mark what you’ve seen, and add comments. However neither of these have links to IMDB, the de facto source of information on movies nowadays. To fill this gap and provide some options for browsing I created my own version of the list. You can find it here: .

A few notes and tips about the list:
1. I lost a movie, in the process and don’t know which. That’s why you will find only 999 films here.
2. You can sort the list by clicking on the headers of the columns. Clicking on them again will reverse the order of sorting.
3. By clicking the “details” link you can get the name of the director, stars and often a short summary.
4. I didn’t collect this additional information (stars, DVD link) for all films yet. Will do, when I can.

Have fun.

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