Overnight (2007, Hungary)

overnightEverything is gray in the Hungarian yuppie life of the mid 2000’s. Unless you managed to escape to, say India, because your actions on the stockmarket were considered illegal. Meanwhile, life is just passing by your eyes and you delude yourself that you are a shaker and a mover. You are but only monies, which seems abundant, irrelevant and abstract unless you need a lot of it fast. Like the hero of overnight, a broker, whose main client decided to pull out all his money, plus the promised interest within a day or two. The solution: call your friend in India; get some inside information and play ahead, hoping to cash in enough to satisfy your client. Hence the title.

Overnight is a zeitgeist movie, as it shows a day in the life of a segment of the Hungarian population. Some of the threads of the story open without explanation and most closes without closure. It shows slightly more then one night (or one day if you look at it from Bombay) in a busy with motions and empty of emotions in the lives of stockmarket brokers.

The lack of closure, colors and deep emotions disturbed me at first as I like all three. But then I realized that was the point of the movie, to compare our lives to those of others. Then I felt grateful. If I had different personality and predisposition the movie could have shown my life. I was good at math, went to vocational college which had to do with commerce, I was actively looking for work when the Budapest stockmarket started: it could have been me. Thanks for my interests in other areas that I avoided this path. I probably would have more money and heart attacks by now. I cannot imagine living the kind of fast pace, stress drive life these guys in the movies did.

I thank the director and the actors, to pull together a masterfully executed film (in terms of cinematography, sound, and composition), which is not about me.

P.s. Check out the informative essays in the booklet at the film’s official site: overnight.hu.

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