Bad Santa (2003, USA)

bad_santaBilly Bob Thornton is so good at playing sleazy characters. In Bad Santa he had the opportunity to swear, smoke drink, and womanize as a department-store robbing, child-hating, down and out Santa Claus. As I don’t like to encounter this kind of lowlife behavior in real life it disturbed me during the first half of the movie. But by then I realized that some sort of redemption, change must come by the end of the movie; after all no major Hollywood production has been made without redemptive values in the last few decades. Sure enough the character turns as good as it can. Before that though he sinks low. The flicker of goodness gets ignited in him when he hit rock-bottom, ready to commit suicide. The lesson: even hopeless cases can care for others, if the other is persistent and innocent enough.

The story, the acting, the props, the jokes, the secondary characters were all fine. Even the issues tackled were interesting and controversial. Nevertheless I had a hard time watching it, because of aforementioned foul language.


This is a top 1000 movie.

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