Dead space downfall (2008, USA)

dsdI admit I am an addict. I just have to have a regular dose of science fiction. Ideally I would like to read high quality books. But sometimes I am too tired to read, but not too tired to watch a movie. And I have seen most of the good science fiction movies already so, sometimes I watch movies which otherwise wouldn’t have been my first choice. That’s how I ended up seeing Dead space downfall, an animated sci-fi.

Unfortunately when picking the movie I didn’t notice that it is also a horror flick. Despite the gallons of blood squirting all over my screen (luckily it wasn’t even fake blood, just ink, possibly digital, on the drawing board) I managed to see this through the end. I could do that, because there was some content and structure besides fighting with space zombies to the inevitable death. The content included religion, as in worshipping a huge, mystical stone tat a spaceship was sent to bring back to Earth from another planet. The people worshipping the stone seemed meek and violent at the same time. But only one of them became a main character, a big guy who came to help the security team to fight the flesh-eating aliens with the modern version of the chainsaw. It was quite a realistic piece of equipment as it, because it didn’t easily splice the monsters, but got stuck at bonier parts and made sounds that you wouldn’t expect, say from a light saber.

Halfway through the movie I realized that the movie must have been based on a computer game. Sure enough at the end during the credits I saw the AE logo, which is one of the bigger name sin the computer game industry. Later I even learned that the movie was a prequel for a new game of theirs. I am sure that the interactive massacre of zombies is more entertaining than the static version, where I could just watch the killings. But I don’t have any game system, so I will skip that part.


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