Veritas, prince of truth (2007, USA)

veritasI liked the concept of a superhero whose superpower is related to telling the truth. It has lots of education potential. So I thought it as a good choice for a children movie, like Veritas, prince of truth. Unfortunately they didn’t pull it of. The script was uninteresting, and unengaging and the actors’ performance was on the same level. One of the reasons I watched this movie was to see Kate Walsh, who was pretty good in Gray’s anatomy and Private practice. Here, her role is supposed to be the nemesis–named unimaginatively but clearly Nemesii—but she didn’t get much screen time and barely said 9 sentences in the wole movie. She was supposed to look menacing, but to reach that effect would have required little more development. The roles for the two kids, who I assume younger viewers were supposed to be able to relate to were also written and acted unconvincingly. The only somewhat lifelike actor was the kid’s mom, played by Amy Jo Johnson. But it’s not worth your time for one acceptable performance.


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