Parenthood (1989, USA)

parenthoodI am almost always up for a cheesy 80’s movie, particularly if I haven’t seen it yet. So I jumped on the opportunity to see Parenthood from 1989 with Steve Martin. It ended up being more of a dramedy than a straightforward comedy, but still enjoyed it quite bit. I can thank the casts for this: Steve Martin was funny in his divided loyalties; Mary Steenburgen was s good as Mother figure 20 years ago, than 4 years ago in Joan of Arcadia; it’s always fun to see Keanu Reeves as a wild teenager; Dianne Wiest‘s dry remorsed presence rang true as well. This being a Ron Howard movie his brother Clint also got a small crazy role. The younger brother also looked very familiar, so I was not surprised to see at the end that it was Leaf (aka Joaquin) Phoenix when he was only 15. The story revolves around, what else, parenthood of different child. The way too happy and balanced ending did not entirely fit in my book the drama. It is just wrong that from the dozen major characters everybody ended up satisfied and happy, when during the show there was too much anguish. I think at least one person should have not be able to reach her/his goal.


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