The Blue Dahlia (1946, USA)

thebluedahliaIn The Blue Dahlia war hero coming back from WWII finds his wife having an affair and his son dead. By next morning his wife is dead, and he is on the run because he believes, rightfully so, that he is a suspect. The drama twists around as we don’t really know who killed the wife; it could have been the husband’s war buddy who is going slightly crazy; the wife’s lover’s wife, who inserts herself into the story early one, the lover, even the peeping tom who is hired by the hospital where the murder takes place. It is a all a nice web,which takes till the very end to unravel. The acting was great, although it is strange nowadays to look at the fake fights of the 1940’s. The other aspect I couldn’tmy colorblind eye wrap around: this is a black and white movie with a focus on the color blue.  It didn’t compute for me. The story had enough twists to keep the attention. Overall a nice little detective story, although I am not sure why it made to the Guardian’s top 1000 list.


This is a top 1000 movie.

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