Broken windows (2008, USA)

bwindowsI really liked Larisa Oleynik as a child in the “Alex Mack” and as a teenager in the “3rd rock from the Sun” series. So I thought it’s time to check her out in one of the movies she made as an adult. That was the main reason for watching Broken windows. The other that the tagline seemed interesting, “Four Women, Four Dreams, Four Realities”. However the experience was painful and disappointing. The movie either didn’t have a point or it was way over (or below?) my head. The story dragged slowly and most of the characters acted in a coherent manner, even after we learned a little bit about their history.

Oleynik plays a budding and talented photographer, who is making “sexy” commercial photos, instead of the artful stuff she really wants to. Similarly she keeps hanging out with her long time friend, who never gets elevated to the boyfriend status. Most of the story revolves around a party one of the minor characters is throwing for her dead dad (plenty of overused puns on those words), who was an alcoholic. It is an annual ritual where everyone gets sloshed. In that state things are said that would have been better left unsaid. There are indeed three more women (as the tagline suggested) with all sorts of unsorted issues, that do remain unsorted.

The most positive thing I can say about the movie was that some of the shots were nicely composed. It almost made it worthwhile to wait to the end. I wanted to give up on it several times, but was curious about the end. That was not satisfying either.

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