Jusqu’à toi (2009, France)

The English title of the movie “Jusqu’à toi” in the program of Air France flight I saw it was something like “Every Jack needs a Chloe.” On IMDB the English Canadian title is listed as “Shoe at your foot”. On the film’s official site there is no English title. Thus your guess is as good as mine for figuring out what title it will show up, if ever in the US. It is a cute little romantic comedy and doesn’t pretend to be more. Chloe is a young, French anti-social woman, who cannot bear the idea of making a phone call not to mention traveling. Nevertheless he has to go out of town for a business trip. Jack is an American graphic artist, who wins a trip Belgium from a coke bottle cap and takes the trip, despite being quite down a his long time girlfriend just moved out. The suitcases of these two characters gets mixed up. Chloe opens his and based on the content she falls in love with him. Later they meet and but as you can guess it takes few turn for the relationship to start flourishing.

The two main actors, Mélanie Laurent and Justin Bartha,  were cute as they should be and were good enough to play the wallowing people they were supposed to. My favorite was though the grumpy hotel owner, who was a great enemy of his own guest, after the guest hurt his feelings. But who also came to the rescue once he was warmed up. Some of the storylines were not closed properly, but who cares as long as the young lovers return to each other and create the semblance of normal life.

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  1. Alex Moreno

    I just watched this movie on the plane just like you yesterday and I completely felt in love of Chloe, I have already watched her on “Inglorious Basterds” with Brad Pitt. I think she just made her perfect role play. I watched her as well in the same flight on “Le concert”. I was looking for the America title and I found your blog page. I hope this movie make it to this continent and I am definitively buying it. Mélanie, je t’aime :)


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