Absolon (2001, USA)

Such talents going to waste… No matter how many bad choices they made in terms of what movies to sign up for I still think that Christopher Lambert and Lou Diamond Phillips are or could be good actors. Picking a B-movie, to “act” in, such as Absolon is not helping to prove my assertion though. On the other hand Ron Perlman thrives being either the hero or the main villain in these kind of movies and this one suited him as well. This time he had the chance to be the evil mastermind behind humankind’s (almost) demise and was punished accordingly by the end, of course.

This movie barely satisfied my constant hunger for science fiction. It didn’t even help that two former models, turned actresses (Roberta Angelica and Kelly Brook) were involved. They didn’t act very well (although they had a hard job with a bad script) and their roles didn’t allow them to be much of eye candy either. Too bad, because the idea of the plot could have been turned into an exciting movie, instead of a copycat bore, using clichés from left and right. The plot summary below is copied form IMDB.

In the near future, a virus has infected everyone on the planet, and Absolon is a drug that everyone must take to stay alive. One corporation controls the drug. Murchison is the leader of this firm. A scientist who was researching the virus is found murdered, and Norman Scott is the policeman who investigates the crime. Soon Norman realizes that he’s in over his head, as hitmen are gunning for him.

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